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Responsible Investing

We help build long-term sustainable businesses, deliver attractive returns to investors in a responsible manner

We ensure that the investments we make today will have a positive effect on people and the planet in years to come

Ahead of an acquisition.

We screen for compliance with laws, environmental and technical regulations; we look for alignment with best practice and the expectations of stakeholders; we assess governance, levels of transparency and communication. Where necessary, we engage external advisers to support with independent assessments and plans to mitigate the risks and enhance the opportunities.

During ownership.

We engage management and stakeholders to implement ESG plans. We work with the company to resolve legacy issues, increase diversity in the workforce and management team, improve operations supported on ESG considerations and increase resource efficiency. ESG and CSR considerations are reported and performance monitored.

On exit.

We leverage the work developed to take ESG concerns off the negotiating table and achieve a cleaner, higher value exit.

Case Studies

Village Bakery

At Village Bakery our investment is supporting the creation of 115 new jobs in Wrexham, Wales. Village Bakery has also invested £4 million into a new baking academy and innovation centre, which will continue training its apprentices.


Many of these young professionals started at entry-level bakery jobs and combine on-the-job experiences with college accreditations to create the next generation of bakers and leadership material for Village Bakery.

Empowering People Group

At Empowering People Group we worked with the management team to accelerate the adoption of a virtual delivery of services and the dematerialization of workshop materials into interactive online workbooks.


This helped minimise carbon footprint by reducing office commute for 200+ workers and significantly reducing the use of printing and paper.


We have also championed the introduction of environmental considerations in Empowering People Group’s ethics policy.

AFA International

At AFA International we set-up an entirely new governance structure. We appointed a group CEO, hired a CFO to rebuild the finance function, promoted individual company Managing Directors and worked with the new management team to create new governance rules and new reporting.


We have used these changes to promote diversity with female executives  representing half of the senior management team.

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