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About us

Limerston Capital is a UK lower mid-market buyout fund, focused on driving value through buy-and-build and operational transformation.

Working with our in-house sector-specialist operating partners, we dedicate significant resources to each portfolio company to facilitate organic growth and expansion through targeted bolt-on acquisitions.

Partnering with management teams

Limerston Capital limit the number of investments in our portfolio, allowing the team to dedicate significant internal resources to work with each company on its transformation.


Limerston Capital employs low initial leverage and works alongside management teams to implement immediate operational 'quick wins' to de-risk investments early after acquisition.


We then work closely with management to ensure a solid platform is in place to enable growth and execute a buy-and-build strategy.

Operational support

Operating partners work alongside the Investment Team and company management prior to deal completion, enabling more rapid growth post acquisition.


We provide expertise typically not available to lower mid-market businesses, partnering with management to help realise the potential of their companies through:

  1. Providing operational and commercial expertise, tools and approaches to improve performance

  2. Implementing results derived from targeted big data analytics to enhance investment returns

  3. Adding strategic expertise to support repositioning through buy-and-build growth roll-outs

Driving growth

Limerston Capital targets companies with growth potential independent of prevailing macroeconomic conditions. We invest in ongoing analysis along proprietary themes, dis-aggregating the value chains to uncover high margin niches with growth potential or where value has been overlooked.


Market consolidation (buy-and-build) is a key pillar of Limerston Capital growth strategy.


Strategic acquisition rapidly accelerates a company’s organic growth. By adding new geographies, clients and expanding the service offering, businesses can rapidly scale and consolidate market share. Limerston Capital has delivered 22 follow-on buy-and-build transactions.

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