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Prism Healthcare

Prism Healthcare

We supported Prism Healthcare’s transformation from a regional, specialised mobility equipment supplier into an international player with a complete product range and a differentiated, service-led model.



Date acquired

December 2018

Deal type

Private sale


Partially realised


Northwest, UK


Prism Healthcare is an end-to-end provider of specialist patient handling equipment and services. These enable the safer moving and handling of the elderly, disabled and mobility disadvantaged within their own homes, long term care facilities or the acute care environment.

Limerston identified Prism as a part of its investment strategy to support the growing global market addressing the needs of the elderly. This market is driven by the clear long-term demographic fundamental of increased longevity combined with the desire to live at home for as long as possible.

Before our investment, Prism Healthcare was a regional product provider and presented a unique opportunity to support the development of its services capabilities, expand its product range and increase geographic coverage.

Limerston was attracted by this opportunity and supported the existing management team through the new growth phase to create the largest UK provider of safety and handling products and services. In addition, Prism now operates in the USA and Australia.

What we did and how we exited

Our operational plan was focused on consolidating Prism’s presence in the UK, broadening the product portfolio and creating an IT enabled service provider to increase operational efficiency and add value to customer relationships.

We were able to secure four add-ons that not only increased Prism’s product portfolio but also delivered 100% UK market coverage. In addition, they increased Prism’s market share in the long-term care market (care homes) and added acute care (hospitals) to further diversify and expand the group’s addressable markets.

Prism’s back-office transformation was driven by the implementation of a field management software and the roll out of a comprehensive suite of reporting dashboards which reduced cost to serve and improved customer satisfaction.

In March 2022, we successfully sold a majority stake in the business to Charme Equity Partners and continue to support the business in its international buy and built strategy.


Internal Rate of Return


Add-ons - broadening product range and expanding into new geographic areas


Contract retention

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