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Carving out a leading stability storage business delivering best-in-class service to pharma and biotech customers.



Date acquired

December 2023

Deal type

Carve out




Rochdale, UK


Astoriom is a leading UK-based provider of temperature- and humidity- controlled storage solutions, and equipment service and validation, to a range of sectors with a focus on the healthcare and life sciences industries. The business has built an outstanding reputation for quality of service over since its founding in 1967, forming long-standing and growing relationships with its core pharma and biotech customers.

Astoriom delivers services that are critical to the new drug approval process, storing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) at temperatures ranging from +40 to -80C and ensuring storage conditions are maintained to exacting standards over a period of years through state-of-the-art controls and layers of redundancy. Conforming to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) across its storage operations, The company also employs teams of experienced engineers that validate and service both its own and customers’ stability storage facilities.

Limerston’s 5th investment in the healthcare and life sciences space, Astoriom boasts three well-invested facilities in the UK, the US, and Ireland that provide significant opportunity to grow into existing capacity, and is well-positioned to benefit from the continuing growth in investment in new drug development.

What we are doing

As a non-core division of a larger entity, we have identified a number of opportunities to drive value creation through a focus on faster-growing storage at sub-minus-20C temperatures, and expanding the company’s footprint to further align Astoriom’s geographic coverage with its core customers’.

Our initial focus will be to facilitate a smooth transition to a fully stand-alone business through a comprehensive Transitional Services Agreement (TSA) and the embedding of a seasoned separation team. Moving the company to best-in-breed systems will allow us to optimize capacity utilization, improve visibility and conversion of new business opportunities, and drive more efficient day-to-day operations. This will also lay the foundations for a repeatable buy-and-build strategy.

Once Astoriom operates as a fully carved-out standalone entity, we plan to increase its presence in the rapidly-growing biorepository sector though further investment in low-temperature capacity, and establish a presence on the East Coast of the US to better serve the needs of the large number of pharma and biotech companies present there.




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